Basenjis are unusual in that they generally only season once a year. Normally puppies are born in the winter months so timing is location dependent. Southern hemisphere puppies are normally born in June and July. Whereas puppies in the northern hemisphere generally arrive in December and January. Puppies born outside this months are possible but are certainly less common.

One of the Clubs annual events is our Basenji Birthday Bash. We have a combined ‘mass birthday party’ for all our Basenjis. We specially acknowledge our old timers. These Basenjis, who are celebrating 12 years and older this year, have this special place on our website for their wonderful achievement. Our oldies are listed in age order, as best we know from available birth dates, oldest to youngest – the age listed is what they will attain at their birthday this year.

 17 Years Old


Rafiki | Am Ch Livin’ On The Edge Of Bedlam

31 October 1998 | Owned by Dilys Blair-Bane

 16 Years Old


Meja | Aust Ch Tambuzi The Tamperer (AI)

16 May 1999 | Owned by Adam Druce

One of Meja’s favourite pass times is opening doors (who knows why – aside the fridge). She will readily open; the fridge, unlocked baby gate, and to get back into the house (yes in!) she will open the screen door (if it’s ajar – is she could reach the door handle I am sure she would use it!).


 15 Years Old



Splash | Nordic Ch Tamsala Makes Waves 

15 June 2000 | Owned by Mia Löwbeer



Jackson | Tamsala Fair Dinkum

15 June 2000 | Owned by Rob & Karin Eastwood



Kelele | Am Ch Tambuzi Kelele

17 June 2000 | Owened by Dilys Blair-Bain




Aussie | Dual Ch (T) Taqsim Signet Silknsmoke TSDX

7 August 2000 | Owned by Bev Reid

 14 Years Old



Oscar | Tambuzi Totally Taboo

22 June 2001 | Owned by Adam Druce



Eve | Pukkanut All About Eve

23 June 2001 | Owned by Catherine Delaney



Nzuri | Ozsenjis Nzuri Kabisa

3 July 2001 | Owned by Suzannah Brane



Chloe | Am Ch Samburu Signet Créme De La Créme

9 November 2001 | Owned by Dilys Blair-Bane

 12 Years Old



Tommy | Manyatta Nova Phantom

6 June 2003 | Owned by Greg & Paula Jones



Louis | Tambuzi Maximum Velocity

6 June 2003 | Owned by Lisa-Jane Hunter



Bandit | Aust Ch Tambuzi Maximum Ovadrive

6 June 2003 | Owned by Amanda Wright



Lupa | Pukkanut Kiss And Tell

23 June 2003 | Owned by Lyndall Squires



Sadie | Samburu Sexy Sadie

8 December 2003 | Owned by Dilys Blair-Bane



Bruiser | Samburu Strawberry Fields Forever

8 December 2003 | Owned by Dilys Blair-Bane