The VBBA encourages young people to join us and enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of this Club. The Club will offer any support to enable you to commence your journey with your Basenji or your future Basenji!

Junior Membership is for young people who own, are looking to breed or who are just interested in the Basenji. This membership category is available to anyone under the age of 18 years old; all states of Australia and Worldwide.

This membership category is annual and memberships expire 30 June each year. A 31 day ‘grace’ period, until the 31 July, is allowed in order for members to pay subscriptions.

  • If admitted to the membership register before 1 April will be entitled to vote at the Associations AGM and are eligible to be nominated  as an officer holder.
  • If admitted between 1 April and 30 June members will not be entitled to vote at the Associations AGM and are not eligible to be nominated  as an officer holder.  However, in this instance membership will run until 30 June in the year after the year of  joining.

Admission Process

Candidates must complete the Associations Membership Application from available on-line at this website. Once received the candidate may receive a call from an officer holder, this officer holder may second the application. The application will be taken to next committee meeting and once the candidate is admitted to the club he/she will be entitled to:

  • access to the members resources area at this website;
  • receive a copy of the Associations publication by electronic file;
  • inspect and obtain a copy of the associations rules and by-laws (these are also available to candidates before application);
  • inspect and receive copies of committee and general meeting minutes; and
  • inspect the register of members subject to privacy clauses [section 7 of the VBBA Constitution]

For full information on the rights and privileges of this membership please refer to clause 5.1.7 of the VBBA Constitution.