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Membership expires 30 June.

Price includes $5 joining fee.

Complete the on-line membership application

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Membership Period (join in last 4 months and membership goes through to following year)

Rights and Privileges of Membership

Once accepted onto the membership register family annual members are entitled to:

  • 1 vote at general meetings (member must be over 18 years old to eligible);
  • one member being able to be nominated and to hold office (member must be over 18 years old to eligible);
  • access to the members resources area at this website;
  • receive a copy of the Associations publication by post or electronic file or both;
  • inspect and obtain a copy of the associations rules and by-laws (these are also available to candidates before application);
  • inspect and receive copies of committee and general meeting minutes; and
  • inspect the register of members subject to privacy clauses [section 7 of the VBBA Constitution]

For full information on the rights and privileges of this membership please refer to clause 5.1.5 of the VBBA Constitution.

Membership price $30 includes a once off $5 joining.