The Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc is pleased to present our members with a wide variety of club events which encompass something for all members and their Basenji. The Club will also hold impromptu get together’s at regional dogs shows. Our first impromptu gathering was held in early 2013 at Newborough where we met, and had lunch with, some of our members who reside in Gippsland. Our Basenji club events are fun, exciting and educational, they might be a casual walk in a Melbourne Park or by the beach, a day trip into country Victoria or a weekend away with a survival course!

Greg Jones, the Clubs events coordinator, has come up with some unique and beautiful settings for walks and weekends away.

  • I never knew that all you needed for a great friendship was a Basenji!!!–Clive Rutter

  • It was a fantastic day! Thank you for arranging this doggie event.–Dorothea – aged 7



Our ‘set’ annual events include:

  • February – Annual Fun Day
  • October – Puppy Picnic & Walk for older Basenjis

Plus we hold a number of events at other times through the year


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