Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia – purchase with confidence

The Victorian Basenji Breed Association Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia Directory offers a level of assurance to members of the public looking to purchase a Basenji puppy or a more mature Basenji. The Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia Directory represents Basenji Breeders that are financial members of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association.

Remember that in Australia puppies are generally born in June/July. Basenjis generally have an litter of <>4 puppies.  Therefore we suggest that interested people make contact with a breeder well in advance to discuss options.

Basenji Breeders Victoria AustraliaThe Victorian Basenji Breed Association has put into place a comprehensive health and breeding programme. The programme is designed to provide puppy buyers with the confidence that everything possible has been done for the puppy. That your puppy has been given every opportunity for a happy, long and healthy life. Temperament is also one of our top priorities. The breeders listed in the Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia Directory below are members of at least one of the Australian National Kennel Council member bodies. These member bodies include DOGS ACTDOGS NSW, DOGS NT, DOGS QLD, DOGS SA, DOGS TasmaniaDOGS Victoria, DOGS WEST. These breeders have agreed to maintain and follow breeding practices as set by their member body. However, it is the final decision of the purchaser as to which breeder he/she selects. The VBBA does not guarantee the services of the breeders listed. Nor does the VBBA guarantee the health, well being, confirmation or temperament of the puppies bred by the breeders noted. You will find some helpful tips on selecting a breeder below.

The Club will shortly launch its Breeder Guide which incorporates recommendations for the management and eradication of heritable diseases. As part of this programme breeders can elect to part of the VBBA Assured Breeders Programme. Details about this programme, the first of it’s kind for Basenjis in Australia, will be advertised shortly on this website.  



Please note the ‘ticks’ listed below on health testing are indicative only of those members that have advised what testing they are performing. A member may be testing but has not advised the Association, therefore puppy buyers should ask the breeder about their specific testing regime.

Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia

Heathcote, Vic
Adam : 03 90189332
Next litter planned in 2018
DOGS Vic Member
Stud Dogs
Older Basenjis available
Red & White
Tri Colour
Black & White
Fanconi Syndrome (DNA)
Eye Screening
Hip Dysplasia
Thyroid (as req.)


Useful tips on finding a reputable breeder.

You have obviously taken the time to research that the Basenji breed is right for you and your family. You have researched the internet and read copious amounts of information in relation to the positives and negatives of the Basenji breed.

Now, you need to find a reputable breeder.

When purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder, check they are a member of the ANKC through one of the affiliated State Canine Associations. DOGS Victoria is the affiliate in Victoria.

A member of the ANKC is bound by its Code of Practice for the breeding and welfare of puppies.  Such members are able to provide you with registration papers for your new purebred puppy.

A Basenji breeder should strive for the best health, temperament, and conformation.

  • The breeder should have a strong interest in the health and welfare of all Basenjis, and their future.
  • The breeder’s motive with each breeding should be to try to maintain the Basenji’s unique characteristics.
  • To produce Basenjis that closely adhere to the ANKC Basenji standard while always considering the health and temperaments of the dogs they produce.

When you are interviewing breeders, what should you look for?.

  • You should never feel uncomfortable speaking to a breeder, and you should not feel as though you are being interrogated. The conversation should be on a give-and-take basis. You ask questions, the breeder asks questions, and it should feel comfortable.
  • A reputable breeder will tell you of the Basenji breed’s unique temperament and needs. They will advise you of the positive and negative points of owning a Basenji. They will follow up on dogs they have placed, and will be available to you for support for the life of your pet.
  • The breeder will tell you about their breeding and testing protocols. They will also tell you how the puppies are raised, and at what age they let them go to their new homes.
  • A reputable breeder will supply you with a contract for the purchase of your puppy which you will be required to sign.  This contract should also include full health assistance for a certain time (eg 24-48 hours) – suggesting that the puppy be vet checked for any problems.
  • There should also be a  clause stating that “no matter what age or circumstances the Basenji is to be returned to the breeder should you ever decide not to keep it.
  • It should also list the medical treatment the puppy may have received whilst in the breeders care and what health testing has been completed on the puppies parents and the puppy itslef.
  • If no health testing (certified documentation should be supplied to you) or vaccinations or microchipping has not been done, the VBBA recommends that you consider another breeder.
  •  A reputable breeder has the health of the Dam and Sire checked before they are bred, and they can verify the following in writing:
    • Fanconi Syndrome: The breeder should be able to provide a copy of the OFA certificate of both parents Fanconi status. At least one parent must be DNA certified as Normal to give the best guarantee that a puppy from the litter will not become afflicted with the syndrome.
    • The breeder may also supply a copy of the Fanconi certificate in relation to your puppy
    • The breeder may provide  a certificate of DNA testing stating that the puppy is normal/clear by parentage for Fanconi syndrome.
    • We also recommend that you do not purchase puppies from breeders that have not tested their breeding stock for PRA (a condition that can cause a Basenji to go blind). Ask for written evidence (laboratory reports) of testing.
    • The puppy must have been microchipped before homing.

    If no health testing (certified documentation shoud be supplied to you) vaccinations or microchipping has not been done, consider another breeder.

    View our information on Basenji health matters.