The VBBA Annual Basenji Calendar is on sale now!


Aus$15.00 plus postage. Postage $3.00 Australia wide, international $7.40.
[Approx US$10.70 international postage US$5.30] 

Any surplus from sales will be divided between Club funds and AMRRIC

The Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc is proud to present our 2018 Basenji Calendar. Unlike some commercial Basenji Calendars our calendar is made up of candid images of members’ and friends Basenjis. Basenjis doing Basenji ‘things”!

This beautiful A4 size full colour glossy Basenji Calendar is the ideal Christmas gift for all discerning Basenji fanciers. The cover, shown below, includes snapshots of all monthly images. The monthly images are full A4 size.

A full A4 page is allocated for each month. There is lots of room to add your birthday’s, dogs vaccination dates, appointments and of course our VBBA events. The date format for the 2018 Basenji calendar is Sunday – Saturday. All Australian public holidays are noted. The commencement and conclusion of Australian daylight saving are also noted.

Our members have taken time during the course of the past year to take photos of their Basenjis in all manner of locations. The VBBA thank members for contributing their photos to make up our 2018 Basenji calendar. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as our members enjoy their Basenjis.

The VBBA will once again support Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) by donating a portion of the surplus from sales to this worthy charity. The great work done in remote locations throughout Australia by AMRRIC can be seen at their website.  You can review some of the great work undertaken by the VBBA at our national rescue website. Every cent over and above the cost of printing this calendar is directed to the VBBA, our rescue or charity work. So you can be assured that purchasing our 2018 Basenji calendar will really make a difference!   

We have limited stock. Order now at the Clubs on-line store to avoid disappointment.


Calendar cover showing monthly images


Monthly dates are full A4 size. Lots of space for appointments.


basenji calendar 2018