The Victorian Basenji Breed Association (VBBA) is a not for profit organisation that has been formed to represent the interests of Basenji’s and their owners. The Association is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the Basenji; a truly unique breed. The Association has a strong focus on education, health and welfare of the breed. Friendly advice and assistance is offered to anyone interested in owning a Basenji.

The Club was incorporated on the 31 October 2012 and came about from suggestions by companion members from another organisation.

The VBBA is fully inclusive of all people that have an interest in the Basenji, whether you actually own one, are looking at owning one, are a previous owner or just admire the breed. We represent people who undertake all manner of activities with their Basenji whether he be your walking partner, much loved family companion, show dog, obedience dog, tracking dog or anything else……the VBBA was formed to support everyone.

The VBBA is firmly committed to educating, owners, breeders and judges all about this delightful breed. The Club will assist with any question you might have no matter how silly you may feel it is.


  • The Club has a significant and comprehensive breeding program which VBBA breeders follow. This is designed to give puppies bred by Club breeders the best start in life, and potential owners the assurance that they will have the best support available anywhere.

  • The Club’s committee meets as required.  Most meetings are held using on-line technology. This means anyone, anywhere can stand as an Officer Holder and meet in the comfort of their own home. No travel time means more time can be spent on Club ‘business’. There is a reduction in the cost for office holders in petrol expenses and as a result the Clubs carbon footprint is also greatly reduced.

  • The VBBA is firmly committed to the education of its members. The members resource pages on this website and in the Club magazine are used to keep members up to date with any latest ‘Basenji’ goings on.

  • The Club holds events throughout the year. These normally take place on the third Saturday (Sunday or weekend) every other month. Our events are generally casual walks and fun days. Generally, we have an educational topic and when possible a guest speaker is arranged.

Meet the VBBA Team

Karen Saunders (2 year tenure ends 2018)

Vice President
Lee Pooley (1 year tenure ends 2017)

Adam Druce (2 year tenure ends 2018)

Adam Druce (2 year tenure ends 2017) Email

Junie Baker (2 year tenure ends 2018)

Suzanne Brane (2 year tenure ends 2018)

Meredith Cawsey (2 year tenure ends 2018)

Suzannah Brane (1 year tenure ends 2015)

Non Officer Holder Positions
Adam Druce (Editor)
Adam Druce (Webmaster)
Adam Druce (Rescue & Adoption)