Our second annual puppy picnic and walk for adult Basenjis was once again held at VBBA member Suzannah’s residence in Mt Evelyn.The puppies present had a ball exploring and generally rushing around as puppies do! “Old hand” Basenji owners and breeders were on hand to offer any advice to new puppy owners. The event is a must in the Basenji calendar if you have a puppy – it’s wonderful socialisation. Plus get tips on any specific issues or problems you might be having as a new Basenji owner. Whilst the puppies played the adult Basenjis had a sedate walk along the Warburton Rail Trail. The weather was sensational. After the walk and much puppy playing we all came together for a wonderful afternoon tea including, amoungst a myriad of goodies, Suzannah’s famous home-made sausage rolls and delicious lemon drizzle cake.

The VBBA welcomes non members  and anyone looking at the Basenji as a potential breed for a companion to our puppy picnic.  

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