Membership of the VBBA has the following benefits.

  • Copy of B-Mail our magazine which offers a number of quality articles, club information and event schedules, health updates, tips and tricks of Basenji ownership, book reviews, regular features such a doggie recipes and much, much more…
  • Access to the members resources on this website, gradually growing into a very useful resource for Basenji owners. The resource includes information on,
    • health and wellbeing;
    • natural remedies;
    • toxins and poisons (prognosis and treatment);
    • doggie recipes – treats to reward your Basenji; along with
    • member forms, meeting minutes constitution etc.
  • Free attendance to our Club eventsThe VBBA holds at least 5 events each year. Generally every other month commencing in February. Walk, talks and weekends where members are welcome to attend for one day or the whole weekend, there really is an event for everyone. Its not just a walk in the park her at the VBBA; our events include something informative; owner education of this remarkable breed is one of Club’s primary goals. Our events are an invaluable networking opportunity for all Basenji owners. Non members are more than welcome to come to see our Basenjis and talk to our members about this wonderful breed – check out our events page for more information.
  • Access to a large community of long time Basenji owners. The Association is far more than just a Club. It has rapidly become a professional and caring organisation. Putting our Basenjis #1 and we assist our members where ever we can. If you have a question we will, all most certainly, have someone that has the experience to assist. The Club has assisted many Basenji owners from WA to Victoria, we will endeavour to help. No question is a silly question, your query, no matter how bizarre you may think it is will be answered thoughtfully.
  • Emergency Assistance – In January the VBBA launched its SOS (Save Our Dogs) Card. Members, carry the card in their wallet and in the unlikely event that they should be in an accident the card advises emergency services that the member has dogs at home and offers emergency contact numbers including the VBBA’s main contact number. This is particularly useful for our members that live alone. The Club will, in any emergency event, make necessary arrangements for the temporary housing of our members Basenjis.  
  • Membership includes voting rights at any Special General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. At the VBBA we make it easier for our members; voting for all General Meetings can take place by electronic or where no internet is available postal ballot. No need to travel miles for a meeting to resolve one item VBBA members can make decisions in the comfort of their own home. Plus members have the opportunity to be more involved and nominate to become a Committee member. Committee meetings are held monthly using teleconference facilities, therefore members anywhere can serve the Club as a Committee member.   

The VBBA is firmly committed to educating, owners, breeders and judges all about this delightful breed. The Club will assist with any question you might have no matter how silly you may feel it is.

  • The Club has a significant and comprehensive breeding program which VBBA breeders follow. This is designed to give puppies bred by Club breeders the best start in life, and potential owners the assurance that they will have the best support available anywhere. 
  • The Club’s committee meets as required.  Most meetings are held using on-line technology (video and/or tele-conferencing). This means anyone, anywhere can stand as an Officer Holder and meet in the comfort of their own home. No travel time means more time can be spent on Club ‘business’. There is a reduction in the cost for office holders in petrol expenses and as a result the Clubs carbon footprint is also greatly reduced.