The Knox Pet Expo “Pets in The Park” was held on 6th April 2014. The VBBA had an exhibition stand at the expo. VBBA member chefs made some gourmet, homemade, dog treats to sell; roo chews, dried goose, liver brownies, custard biscuit treats and gluten free nutty bacon biscuits was a small selection on the VBBA ‘menu’. A magnificent array of gifts for the kids ‘lucky dip’ was also provided. 

It was a cold start! But the rain held off and it turned out to be quite a nice day. There was all manner of dog and pet items on sale. Simply pet paradise. The day was generally busy with lots of people looking at the displays. Several demonstrations; obedience, agility and responsible pet ownership, also took place throughout the day.
Our (exhibiting) neighbour had some very plush beds for sale. We had a large X-pen at the front of our area so that we could have our dogs on display, proudly wearing their club bandannas. 

Many pet rescue organisations including some other ‘breed’ rescue organisations were represented and had setup up their displays. The networking opportunities was beneficial  Snooza Pet Beds and supplies were also exhibiting. They very kindly donated several boxes of ceramic ‘Eat’ and ‘Drink’ bowls to the club and BasenjiRescueNet Australia. 

Aside the exhibitors, a couple of organisations had set up doggie events that anyone’s dog could participate in. One was a small lure course and the other was a straight run lure race. Audrey’s Lexie was the first to have a go on both the
lure coursing and the lure race. We didn’t have camera’s at the ready to catch Lexie. Our stand was almost next to the coursing ring. We suddenly got a glimpse of a Basenji going full speed in the ring next to us…….go Lexie!

Willow was next to take a turn on the lure racing and met Lexie there. By this stage Lexie was an old hand at it. The smaller dogs were able to go into the small box with a door at each end, one door made of wire so the dog could look out, about 4 boxes joined together and lined up rather like at the start of a horse race. They were designed for the Jack Russell Club but were just a good size for Basenjis. We stowed our Basenjis in the boxes and went to the end of the ‘run’. Soon the ‘rabbit’ a plastic bag would shoot past the boxes and the dogs would be released. The dogs would see the ‘rabbit’ and run – in the right direction toward the handlers – at least that was the plan. We were excited getting our dogs attention – like thorough bred race horses chomping at the bit. The box doors opened and they were off…well not quite. This does take practice and the look of confusion on Willows face was a picture. The other 3 dogs including Lexie bounded out of their box. Lexie egged Willow on, the other dogs were already half way down the run. Lexie wasn’t holding back any longer she knew what it was all about. A sudden burst of Basenji speed and she overtook the others in milliseconds to win. Willow came in last, a little bewildered at the start until she saw the ‘thing’ to chase. As with most things with some practice I think she would be as good as Lexie was.