Karin officially turns on the VBBA BBQ, donated in memory of Cheeky…

Vianna, Dorothea & Joshua realise Devil’s Cave is not that scary…

At our Great Dividing Range event the Club surprised Karin and Robin by unveiling a BBQ purchased in memory of their girl Cheeky who recently passed away. Karin and Robin had made a very generous donation to the VBBA in memory Cheeky. The VBBA committee felt that purchasing a BBQ was a fantastic way to reinvest the money for the benefit of all members. Greg, our event coordinator, researched and purchased an easily transportable BBQ for use at VBBA events. Greg had also arranged a beautiful brass plaque in memory of Cheeky.

The following recounts of our Great Dividing Range Event have been received from VBBA members, Vianna and Dorothea who we are told eagerly await the VBBA Basenji events and Clive, a new Basenji owner. The VBBA thanks Vianna, for her amazing drawing (below right), Dorothea (below left) and Clive for their wonderful stories below, which really enrich this website – thank you! Following  the stories is a photo gallery of the day.


Vianna - recount


On Sunday 27th April I attended my first get together with the VBBA at McIvor Range Reserve and what an absolutely fantastic day it was!

I had never been around more than two Basenji’s and they were the parents of my boy Khalani.  Khalani had never been around Basenji’s in a group, so I was a little apprehensive of how he might react, although I knew he was well behaved around the dogs at obedience training.

I pulled into the Powder Magazine carpark just before 11 a.m and saw my first group of Basenji’s and their owners.

I was greeted by Greg and Lisa who introduced me around.

My first great surprise was to find that Lisa owned Khalani’s sister and I knew Adam was bringing Ringo who is Khalani’s Father, so it was kind of like a family reunion!  Not long after there were about 15-20 Basenji’s and their families.

We headed off up the walking track, chatting as we walked.  It was so interesting to hear about everyone’s Basenji’s exchanging stories, both good and not so good, about our wonderful “children”.

When we got to the lookout we set

up lunch, fired up the barbie and and rested whilst we ate.  There was love in the air when Khalani and Lexie hit it off and spent a lot of time together playing, hugging and nibbling (playfully).

It was so nice to see so many dedicated Basenji owners and their kids having so much fun! Everyone was so friendly and I got some valuable advice about tracking and lure coursing from Bev and other members.

So many people complimented me on Khalani’s gentle nature that I am considering getting him certified as a therapy dog, thank you everyone!

After lunch we headed back down to the carpark, going down was much easier than going up I can tell you.

Khalani and I had such a great time, we can’t wait for the next event.  What really surprised me was that when we left we all kissed goodbye.  I never knew that all you needed for a great friendship was a Basenji!!!



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