SOS Emergency Card

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In February 2013 the VBBA launched its SOS Emergency Card. This is a new initiative and added benefit for Club members. The purpose of the card, which is credit card size and kept in ones wallet, is to alert emergency services (in the unlikely event the member is caught up in an emergency situation) that the person has dogs at home that will need attention. The card has space for two emergency contact numbers and the Club’s main contact number may also be used if the member wishes. 

Where required the Club will make arrangements for the members dogs to be checked upon, to ensure they have adequate water, food and housing. If required the Club will find temporary accommodation for the dogs and ensure they are cared for until the member can return home.

The Club will also endeavour to find temporary housing for members’ pets in the case they are displaced due to fire, flood or other emergency situations requiring evacuation. The Club hopes this will lessen the burden on members’ in what is already a very stressful situation.

Front of Card

Front of Card



Rear of Card


The SOS emergency card is part of the VBBA second effort philosophy 

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