The Officer Holders and members of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association were excited to participate at Rarer Breeds/Give the Dog a Job Showcase held during the Royal Melbourne Show.

“Great opportunity to introduce Basenjis to the show visitors”

The VBBA Committee thank all the members that were involved in putting together a spectacular exhibit. Making such a standout exhibit does not come without a lot of hard work; from painting the massive 3mx2.4m backdrop in a native scene, to making props; native hut, shields, spears etc to compliment the  backdrop. Flyers were designed and printed and a PowerPoint show presented the breed in video and text format – the videos were a real crowd drawer! The VBBA thank Conference Audio Visual for sponsoring the large plasma screen used to display our presentation.

Our members and their  Basenjis were on hand to answer your questions about the ‘barkless’ Basenji;

  • breed characteristics;
  • breed history;
  • misconceptions about the breed;
  • will the breed be suited to your lifestyle.

Special thanks to Ethel who flew down from Brisbane with her ‘Congo’ born full African Basenji – Akua.

The VBBA were interviewed each day by the MC Farmer Dave who took an interest in our breed’s uniqueness and noticed some of the breed’s more unusual behaviours. It was interesting, from a Basenji owners perspective, to discuss these observations with a dog trainer and behaviourist, most behaviours we take as ‘normal’ but these characteristics show the ancientness the breed and are generally not observed in domestic dogs. The difference between Akua (native ‘type’) and ‘Western’ Basenjis was discussed.

The Basenji is one of the oldest dog breeds. Owned by the Pharaoh’s of ancient Egypt. Used for hunting by the natives of the Congo. If your lifestyle suits a Basenji they can make an awesome companion. Come to our stand and find out more.

We will be interviewed daily in the pavilion’s arena by show case MC Farmer Dave.

The VBBA Exhibit