Akua from the Congo

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Akua, a native Basenji from the Congo will exhibited at the Royal Melbourne Show. He will be located at the VBBA exhibit (Pavilion 18) as part of the Rare Breeds Showcase on Monday 29 September 2013 only. An expedition to the Congo in 2010 led VBBA member Ethel Blair to find Akua. He was a very young puppy. As soon as Akua was old enough to travel he was flown to America where necessary health checks and evaluations were carried out. Akua eventually came to reside in Australia about a year later. Akua is the only ‘Congo born’ Basenji currently in Australia. Akua lives with his owner Ethel in Brisbane. The VBBA thanks Ethel for flying down from Brisbane to give everyone attending the show an opportunity of meeting Akua.

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