ANKC and DOGS Victoria Code of Ethics

Members of the VBBA must at all times follow, and are bound by the ANKC Code of Ethics, as noted at the ANKC website and at the DOGS Victoria website

Members of the VBBA must follow the Clubs breeding program.

Litter Records
A member of the VBBA must provide the Club details of all litters bred. The details must include:

  • Registered Name of Sire and Dam
  • Registered Number of Sire and Dam
  • Registered Name and Number of each puppy
  • Date of Birth
  • Number of surviving puppies
  • Sex of puppies
  • Colour of puppies
  • Microchip number for each puppy

Breeding Age
A breeder may not breed a bitch before she is 12 Months old.

Basenji Database
Notification of litter with relevant details should be sent to Sally Wallis for entry in the Basenji Database

The microchip details of all puppies bred by a member of the VBBA should be provided to the Club within 7 days of sale or by the age of 6 months whichever is the sooner.